Saturday, May 10, 2014

Autism can be very silent sometimes.  On a good day most people would never look at my son and think of him as "disabled".  A lot of our own family have never truly seen what autism is like.  Most of our struggles with kiddo have happened out of public view.  In our home or in his schools.  I get strange looks when I talk about how we don't think he will live independently.  Looks like well the past 6 months have gone well right?  Looks that feel like they are saying well there doesn't look like there is anything really "wrong" with him.  It is hard to explain how mentally exhausting it can be.  Always worrying.  Always having to deal with school issues.  His food issues.  His bathing issues.  I get tired of people saying well he needs to bathe more.   No shit I know that.  However you try to get a 120 lb kiddo into a shower when they are going to meltdown over how the water "hurts" them.  Or how brushing his teeth makes him want to gag.   Or how he hates changing clothes because he knows the clean jeans will not be as comfortable as the ones he has worn for a week.   People can see him for a few hours at a time and not notice a thing.  Trust me I do.  I notice every hand flap.  Every look of fear or anxiety that comes across his eyes.   It certainly isn't silent for those who live with somebody with Autism.

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